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Tredence got featured in Forrester’s Report “Now Tech: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2020”

Forrester has mentioned Tredence in its Now Tech: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2020 Report. This report provides a holistic view to the enterprises about vendors who can deliver end-to-end data-to-insights-to-execution engagements, drive effective change and stakeholder management to ensure insights implementation, and accelerate time-to-value for insights based on size, functionality, geography and vertical market focus.

According to Forrester: “Change is hard. But insights providers can help: 36% of global data and analytics decision makers engage insights service providers because the provider is “more effective at organizing and coordinating the business and technology stakeholders in our firm.”

Tredence’ s uniqueness is in bringing the right mix of technology and business analytics to create white-box solutions that are typically transitioned to our clients at the end of the engagement in a sustainable way. Tredence does this cost effectively using a global execution model leveraging our clients’? existing technology and data assets.
We think this timely inclusion as an Insight service provider in Forrester’s Report will propel our clients to take advantage of the cutting-edge analytics solutions and apply it to new & diverse data sources which they might not have been able to produce earlier.

Click here to read the full PR

Disclaimer: To read about Insights Services and Tredence’ s profile in the report, download the report here? (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase).